Please note that these figures are approximate and should only be used to give you an indication of how refinancing to a lower interest rate may be beneficial and the effects of using a debt reduction program.


CALCULATIONS: We have used a loan term of 30 Years and an Interest Rate of 5.89% in all our calculations. The fields below are what you will need to complete and should cover most of your expenses. At the end of this you will find a Summary Page which will give you an idea of your expenditure and the TIME & MONEY you can save through REFINANCING and using the DEBT REDUCTION program.

  • 1. Loans Apart From Property Loans
  • 2. Property Loans
  • 3. Income
  • 4. Insurance
  • 5. Health (Cost after Refunds)
  • 6. Living Expenses - Home
  • 7. Living Expenses - Personal
  • 8. Leisure
  • 9. Child Care (After Refunds)
  • 10. Transport
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