Self-Managed Super Loans

SuperGear offers a simple and efficient pre-packaged operating structure designed to comply with superannuation and taxation law, that easily integrates with your existing SMSF. It allows you to borrow funds to help you purchase an investment property for your SMSF or to refinance an existing SIS Act compliant investment property loan.

Salient features for a smooth Self-Managed Super Loans experience for you:

  • The Fund must purchase the property from an unrelated party .Your Fund is able to purchase any kind of property – residential, commercial, or rural.
  • The Fund is responsible for any loan repayments and for the collection of any rent – You can still achieve Competitive interest rates.
  • The Fund operates the property in exactly the same way that any property investor would where by you can – rent it out, renovate, repair or sell the property. Please note thought that this is subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant home loan or mortgage.
  • The Fund can pay out or reduce the mortgage loan at any time (subject to the terms and conditions of the home loan or mortgage).
  • When the home loan is paid out in full, title to the property can be
    transferred to the SMSF or the property.

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